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Welcome to Costa Rica Real Esate Lawyer

Who doesn't dream of owning the perfect home – one that satisfies each of the criteria you've always wanted to have fulfilled in the personal space that you can call your own? A palatial home with a beach 'attached'…or a window on a hill top that gives you the most breathtaking view of the mountains…or else a self sufficient farm-house with a flourishing animal rearing unit…or even an apartment in the midst of a city's hustle and bustle with all urban amenities at a stones throw away…requirements can really be as varied as people are Entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts might be interested in commercial space while others might prefer the hospitality industry for an investment option. Whatever be it, we are sure to be able to help you find all that you ever wanted in the apt real estate property that you have been on the look out for, in the beautiful land of Costa Rica. Welcome to the Costa Rica Real Estate Lawyer site – your ultimate resource for all your Costa Rica real estate investment needs!

Costa Rica - 'The Switzerland of the Americas'

Costa Rica is located in Central America and has its capital in San Jose`. Almost everything in Costa Rica seems to be designed towards encouraging you to choose real estate for your investment deals. Let's lo ok at a few reasons why:

  • The system of governance in Costa Rica is a democracy, and a stable one at that. It has not had the need to get the army involved in its operation since the past century – what better proof of its absolutely sound systems and procedures in place to ensure smooth governance, by representatives of the Costa Rican public!
  • Stable governance in turn has helped the economy remain stable – and the result, a healthy appreciation of real estate prices. Those who invest in this are bound to make profits while reselling the property.
  • The policies of the Costa Rican government are extremely investment friendly; these invariably encourage direct foreign investment rather than discourage it.
  • Most important of all – the friendly and helpful Latin American populace who are truly cosmopolitan ensuring that most visitors get to interact with most of them in some language or the others. Those who come to Costa Rica often find it difficult to leave, thanks to the close ties they would have formed with the natives here.

How we can help

Right from the time you begin the look out for a real estate property till the time the transfer of title is completed, we specialize in guiding you through the path that's in your best interest. It is a good idea to choose the services of able consultants like us who are well versed with all aspects of real estate transactions in Costa Rica, in order to protect your self from fraudulent deals that are carried on from time to time. We take pride in providing support to national as well as international investors with the various processes like escrow, title guarantee and other legal due diligence services. Having a wealth of experience along with technical and local know-how, we pledge our services to ensure that each of your real estate deals are the best possible investment options for you. We look forward to be of assistance to you!